CBN Tincture 300mg Daily Strength Sleep Aid


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  • Our 300 mg CBN Tincture provides 30 doses, enough for a one-month supply if taken daily.
  • Helps calm the mind and body and supports muscle recovery
  • Made from all natural ingredients with zero pesticides
  • Naturally high in beneficial compounds that support the body’s natural sleep cycle

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<h3>Are you one of the two-thirds of adults in the US experiencing occasional trouble sleeping? </h3>
This CBN Tincture may help. CBN, or cannabinol, doesn’t get you high but can make you sleepy. It appears to relieve anxiety without leaving you spaced out, leading to a relaxed and restful night’s sleep.

We use CO2 high-pressure extraction methods to eliminate chemicals and solvents, ensuring you get the purest product possible. Full-spectrum hemp extract is naturally high in compounds that are beneficial for sleep, such as terpenes and flavonoids. As a result, taking a full-spectrum hemp extract before bed can help you to get into a regular sleep cycle and wake up feeling refreshed.

Ingredients: 300mg CBN, all natural terpenes, sunflower lecithin, MCT oil


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