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Pick your mood.

We made a gummy that vibes with your favorite mood and then made that feeling tasty af.

A young asian woman with hooped earrings and happy expression looks at the packet of Delta Infinity brand Space Cake flavored Delta 8 gummies in her hand.

Relax & Mellow

Delta-8 is like a mellow, floaty, relaxing, drift through the clouds.

A model with tattoos on her hands holds a bottle of Delta Infinity Juicy Peach flavored Delta 9 gummies in front of a orange and white striped fabric background

Calm & Relief

Delta-9 is like those real calm vibes that leave you feeling joy and relief.

Man in black denim jacket holds bottle of Delta Infinity tropical flavored HHC gummies

Uplight & Energize

HHC is like that super happy, energetic, uplifting feeling you get at a party.

A woman in sunglasses crosses her legs with a bottle of Delta Infinity balanced on her knee. The infographic is titled "Here is how we do it" and lists Tasty A F Gummies next to a likcing lips emoji, Clean and Potent cannabis next to a hemp leaf, High good vibes, always next to a sparking thumbs up, all natural No B S next to a cupped hand with a plant growing from it, and fast shipping and delivery next to a speeding truck and clock emoji.

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